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Stayin' Wild Challenge December

My Activity Tracking


My target 208644 Steps

I'm taking on the November Stayin' Wild Challenge!

Am stepping up for 208,644 Steps. Plus lifting, agility  and puffing (that won't be hard) challenges.  

Fitness tracker is ready!  Challenge calendar amended! Creative step counters added! 

From my own experience, Beyond Blue free programmes have been valuable both in their access and delivery especially during Covid.  

You may also like to contribute and help keep me accountable at the same time.  Either way, if you can thank you.  

Here's the link  https://www.stayinwild.com/fundraisers/janetemm/stayin-wild-challenge-nov.    ..   wotchafink??  

My Story

WEEK 1: Modified Rehab Programme

Sunday 8th Nov
AIM:             35,000 STEPS. out of total 208,644

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Nick C.