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Stayin' Wild Challenge August (M)

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My target 280000 Steps

10,000 steps per day! Why

10,000 steps a day is what I’m doing in August.

Why... Beyond Blue

2019 was a very challenging year professionally and personally for myself that I don’t speak about as it has had a huge impact on my life, I’am a real estate agent/onsite manager. This was not my first time with these sort of events but this time  it had a huge impact..

In my professional life in 2019 I dealt with 6 failed suicide attempts, 2 suicides and, outside of work on a night at a premium venue, wanting to move on and look forward to 2020 when someone made a horrible choice that changed our night at 11:42pm on the 31st Dec 2019, it will be a New Year’s Eve we will never forget as we got in a taxi.

I’m lucky to have a special person in my life that has kept me going and to my friends and family around me.

Beyond Blue helps with mental health, to me mental health is real it can affect anyone and everyone , it is real and it’s life.  Beyond Blue. - Support Advice Action

Any donation is greatly appreciated and it’s all tax deductible.

Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


David Hoy

You’ll always be one of my best mates and you will forever have my support.


Eric And Cheronne Hunter

A very important charity Jase and you are a special person helping to get that important message out there x


Able Air And Electrical


Anthony Matarazzo



Nice work Jas



It was a very tough time but you made a difference for the people most affected by a tragic event and now you are making a difference with this challenge. Good for you !


L & K Morrissey

With love, Lee & Kellie