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Stayin' Wild Challenge December

My Activity Tracking


My target 280000 Steps

I'm taking on the Stayin' Wild Challenge!

We are taking part in the Stayin' Wild Challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue. Over the next 28 days, I will be walking 10,000 steps a day, and completing puffing, lifting and agility challenges. 

Please sponsor our challenge to support mental health and wellbeing.

Exercising daily is important to support your mental health. Connecting with people and your loved ones is equally as important. 2020 has been a difficult year for all, so we are getting together to support mental health heading into the new year of 2021! 

My Story

Day 21: Boxing Day and strength workout/walk.

Sunday 27th Dec
Big walk with Hux today and a sweaty strength sesh

Day 19: Christmas Day

Sunday 27th Dec
Definitely didn't hit my steps count today, but hey, I did a keep it cleaner strength workout before I stuffed my face with yummy food. Merru Christmas xx

Day 14 - 18

Friday 25th Dec
- I only hit my step goal one of these days when I went Christmas light looking with my work mum and her family.
- I havent been able to do the stair climbing challange yet at all since week 2 and we are now into week 3. But I am learning this is okay. I shouldn't punish myself for what I cannot do. I have prioritised spending time with those i care about leading up to Christmas, staying on top of things around the house and being present at work. 

Day 13: 10432!

Sunday 20th Dec
Highlights from today:
1. Morning coffee from Damon
2. Beautiful yoga session beside the river with Bec. 
3. Bought some Mala beads from the Rewild Markets to use during meditation. 
4. Bought a cute outdoor setting! 
5. Had a group of friends over for homemade pizzas and drinks to celebrate Christmas 😍 

Day 12: 18190 steps!

Sunday 20th Dec
So many highlights from today: 1. Day off work as time in lieu 2. Morning coffee and long walk along the river to the wetlands with the beautiful Hayley and her doggos Merlot and Ella. 3. My house finally settled and I am officially a home owner! 4. Did my first counselling session ever. 5. Movie night Christmas themed with yummy Mexican with the best bunch of people. 😍

Day 11: 9678 steps!

Friday 18th Dec
Swimming this morning. Beautiful morning it was 🥰 
Found myself feeling emotionally drained by the afternoon and got easily triggered, it upsets me when I hurt those around me. Working on that. My evening was made better with dinner being cooked for me, christmas tree shopping, puppy cuddles and wine🥰

Day 10: 15127 steps!

Wednesday 16th Dec
I am exhausted today! I didnt sleep a lot last night, and worked my butt off at work today with multiple meetings and a home visit. I practice being present and used a lot of emotional energy today. I enjoyed starting the day doing a walk down to the wetlands with Dad and getting a coffee from my favourite Barista! We did just under 8000 steps on the walk alone. So the rest were everyday steps. Sitting here listening to the rain and writing Christmas cards xx

Day 9: 14111!

Tuesday 15th Dec
I am impressed with my step count today from being a full office day. Dad and I explored the tracks nearby again this morning and did a 50 minute walk in nature. It didn't even feel like i was still in Wagga. 
A few coffee walks - 3 walks with 2 coffees to be exact. I also walked around bunnings with Dad at lunch and now have a lawn mower and some cute plants 😍 feeling so happy after watching a movie to end my night with one of my favourite people. 

Day 8: 15651 steps!

Monday 14th Dec
Started my day with a walk through the reserve with my dad who is visiting me at the moment. Gave us the chance to catch up as I am working during the day while he is here! Busy and productive day at work - afternoon home visit involved lots of walking so my steps got up very quickly. Unfortunately I didn't get to do the stairs part of the challange today with team dinner after work and dad here 🙈

Day 6: 12879 & Day 7: 7802

Sunday 13th Dec
Saturday and Sunday! First weekend of the challange.
I didnt go out of my way to exercise as I had lots of different things happening💕I got my steps up Saturday shopping and cleaning the house. On Sunday I was proud I got closish considering I spent a lot of time on the road for a day trip to Griffith. Enjoyed spending majority of my weekend with someone special to me 🥰

Day 5: 10116 steps!

Saturday 12th Dec
I woke up this morning to see fit bit had automatically added my steps from dancing on the dance floor last night as "sport" 😂😂 

I started the day with yoga yesterday, built up my steps through my everyday steps working in the office most of the day, walk around town at lunch and our work Christmad Party last night. First dance on a dance floor since pre COVID days.. it was so much fun🥰

Day 4: 10588 steps!

Thursday 10th Dec
Long day today. Highlights: 1. Swimming laps this morning. 2. Coffee after my swim with Bec 3. Completing an emotional intelligence questionnaire giving me some food for thought on how to further develop this. 4. Cooking a yummy omelette with eggs given to me as a gift from home chooks! 5. Phone call with the bestie 🥰 6. Walking up and down my very long street to get the steps up and see the beautiful sunset pictured above.

Day 3: 13057 steps!

Wednesday 9th Dec
Day 3 done and dusted. Started the morning exploring the beautiful reserve at the top of my street... didnt want to get lost so didnt explore to deeply. I really enjoyed taking a hot tea with me to drink as I listened to music. Someone commented I looked happy at work today and I felt a lot lighter than I have. I finished the day by having friends over for dinner, tacos! And now laying in bed talking to my bestie 🥰 swim tomorrow morning!

Day 2: 10509 steps!

Wednesday 9th Dec
The steps I recorded today were my everyday steps. I made a concious effort to do a little walk during lunch and get up off my seat when my fitbit buzzed on my arm. I had a restful start to the day having breakfast from my new bed, it was blissful. Even did a little meditation. I had planned to do yoga after work but unfortunately the class got cancelled. I took the chance to connect with some friends I dont spend a lot of time with and had dinner with them them. I was then going to do a yoga flow myself, but ended up on the phone to a friend at home for 45 minutes. Although I didnt exercise, I did lots of thing to support my mental health today 🥰

Day 1: 20128 steps!

Monday 7th Dec
Day off work today to finish settling into my new house. A day of walking everywhere in town to Christmas shop, including a trip to bunnings. I got my heart racing and steps up at Zumba tonight! Sadly the last one for the year. She gave us Christmas presents though, bless!

My Motivation

Wednesday 25th Nov
Mental health impacts everyone. Whether you are struggling with suppprting your own mental health and wellbeing, or maybe somebody you love or somebody you work with is struggling. It touches us in some way in our everyday life. 

2020 has been a difficult year. I was lucky enough to stay well, keep my job and stay connected with friends and family during COVID-19. However I will admit it has been emotionally exhausting. I am taking on this challange as part of my efforts to support my mental health in my everyday life. I am excited to share this with my friends and see how we go! Watch this space xx

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You go girl. I know you will make a huge difference.


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