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Stayin' Wild Challenge August (M)

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My target 280000 Steps

I'm taking on the Stayin' Wild Challenge!

I‘m taking part in the Stayin' Wild Challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue!

Over the next 28 days, I’ll be walking 10,000 steps a day, and completing puffing, lifting and agility challenges. 

Please sponsor my challenge to support mental health and wellbeing. 💙

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Gratitude & reflection 🦋

Friday 7th Aug
If someone told me years ago I’d be spending most of my days encouraging women to walk 100s of km’s a month for Coastrek & 1000s of steps A DAY for Stayin’ Wild... well I would’ve laughed! 😂 Those close to me know I’ve held myself back from being active for some reason, probably mental health related tbh.

I’m really grateful I started working at Beyond Blue back in 2017 & my mum said YES to Adelaide Coastrek back in 2018, along with her besties Leanne, Di & Roger, with dad as their support crew - together they raised over $5.5k for the Beyond Blue Support Service! 🦋

But more importantly, they inspired many unexpected conversations with friends & strangers about how mental health challenges have impacted themselves or loved ones. Really brought it home how powerful speaking up, listening & supporting others is for healing. 🙏🏼

LOOK AT US NOW!! Sooo grateful to be doing this Stayin’ Wild challenge alongside some OG Coastrekkers during this time of collective pause & reflection - & let me tell you, they’re not mucking around when it comes to getting their steps in! 👏🏼

Any support will help get me over the line - 5 days down, 23 to go! 🤪 If you’re stuck inside for a while & can’t get to your barista, click the donate button & we’ll send it to the angels at the 24/7 Support Service. It costs $48 to fund one call that could save someone’s life. 💙

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mel Cyko

🏃‍♀️Great work Tess😍


Ben Charlton

Love your work Tessa


Alisha Brady

You’re doing an amazing job Tessa xx


Yvie Cleary

Shine on sparkling diamond. X